Beginner Series - Part 1

Hello and Warm welcome to this Online Tabla Class !

We formally begin our journey into the enchanting world of Tabla with the Introduction to our first series of lessons titled the 'Beginner Series'.

This series begins with the formal and theoretical introduction but by the end of it we will cover a lot of ground.

The lessons in this series are broadly divided into 6 categories:

I. Basic Tabla Terminologies

II. Getting Started

III. Getting Comfortable

IV. Tempo & Rhythm Concepts

V. Intro of Indian Vocal Styles

VI. Some Common Taal

By the end of this series, you should find yourself comfortable playing tabla with most of the popular songs covering a wide range of genre ranging from bollywood songs, bhajan, thumri, kawaali and some forms of musical style known as kheyal.

You will also get a glimpse of tabla as used in classical forms of music and as its use as an accompaniment with Indian classical dance forms like Kathak.

We are pretty excited that you have decided to take up this course. So without much ado, lets get started.

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  1. Kayleigh  Dickinson send message to5lifus says: 5 Likes

    too bad no comments on the first step of this journey.

    leaving you with a tabla jugalbandi performance by zakir hussain - the God of tabla and Hariprasad Chaurasia- the flute maestro

    hope it motivates you to practise real hard :)

  1. Sukhvinder Singh send message to7sukhy says: 1 Likes

    no one can bend it like zakir saab

  1. Jack Glaser send message to3jglaser says: 4 Likes

    I think every one who is getting to learn any percussion instrument must watch this truly amazing speech by the deaf percussionist Evelyn.

  1. H Houghton send message to4hhoughton says: 1 Likes

    what is tabla ? an interview with none other than Ustad Zakir Hussain as aired on CNN.

  1. Harpreet Matharu send message to18harpreet_matharu says: Likes

    too good...

  1. Santosh send message to65santosh says: Likes


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